Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We have twenty people full time working with us on the farm. Our valuable field team headed up by Emil and Milen manager the  harvest of vegetables all winter long in rain sleet or snow, they then ( using mechanisation in the field with state of the art seed sowing, planting and weeding equipment that we have and the advice of a top Organic growing advisor and Padraig, they use farm machinery  and also do lots of work by hand sowing new seeds in  Spring, planting them out into the fields in  late Spring early Summer and then weed the crops mechanically and by hand for the season. Without them we wouldn’t have much to sell.  The field team also wash and trim vegetables in our washhouse along with the packhouse team.


Our packhouse team pack our veg into clean crates, bags, and nets, and label them, then putting them into the correct stack for each shop, restaurant, wholesaler, market trader or veg box scheme owner. Headed up by Dominika our packhouse manager, Magda her assistant, and a great team of women, we wouldn’t be here without them either! their attention to detail is second to none and we can be sure that the orders will be packed correctly by these super people.


Our delivery team of three are the face of our business on the road and help pack the refrigerated vans while checking temperatures are correct on vegetables, then hit the road for Dublin, Clare, Limerick and our local Galway with our produce delivering to shops, supermarkets, restaurants and wholesalers as well as zero waste shops, veg box schemes like  and other food service customers.  When they hit the traffic jams we say ” turn on the radio and sing your way through it” The lads always have a smile for our happy customers.


Lastly our office team consists of Marie at the helm working tirelessly to keep our ship afloat, managing sales and purchasing and making and taking phonecalls working with our supportive and valuable suppliers, customers and various inspectors who come to audit our organic standards and  food safety standards. We have inspections every year to maintain our Organic Certification, Bord Bia quality assurance standard, Department of Agriculture food safety and plant health division, Origin Green and All Ireland pollinator plan up to date.  and to keep traceability and food safety in focus.

Our owners Padraig and Úna oversee the work and manager day duties, new project management and hiring new staff.

please see our job opportunites page to see if you would like to be part of our dream team!