Hungry gap Season

Hungry Gap season is upon us (less crops to harvest in between old and new season plants which are not fully grown). We have fresh lettuce, scallions, spinach and chard from Ireland at the moment and a small selection of scallion bunches. The weather has been cooler than normal thus slowing growth, but we hope the crops will catch up by the Summertime. We continue to sow our seeds, plant out our summer crops and prune and tie up our tomato plants in the hope of a bountiful harvest come August. Beidh and tEarrach go maith leis na glasraí ar fad a thagann agus áileacht an nádúr. Biodiversity on the farm is wonderful and nature lovers will be proud of our selection of indicators of a healthy habitat for nature here.

ladybird on our Spinach leaf. A bhóin beag Dé, oscail do sciathán is bí ag eitilt san aer!
sowing and planting is continuing, bail ó Dhia  ar an obair.