Hungry Gap in the Growing Calendar and Increases in Costs

Dear Customers

We are in the hungry gap period of the Irish growing calender at the moment. At this time of the year our seedlings are still small and our crops from last seasons harvest are running out. Until July, there will be less Irish veg available and the imported veg will be expensive also. Some of you may have noticed that prices went up or content int he boxes went down. This post is to explain why this is happening. The Irish harvest is coming in in July all going well. We have had great sunny weather recently and are lucky to have some irrigation in place in our fields so crop growth should be great.

There is a link to a seasonal guide to what crops are ready year round on the bottom of each page of this website.

thank you for your supporting our farm and business

le meas,

Una, Padraig and team

Beechlawn Organic Farm